Cut a small field last week that was going to seed and partly to make sure all machinery is working before the season starts. 3d printed spacers to take our drum mower from 68 to 88mm (3 1/2″) cut height to help encourage regrowth for later in the year and to limit ground evaporation. Fields are a good three weeks behind compared to last due to the late cold snap, thankfully wilted for hay.

Spring grass

Cattle are finally out today and enjoying the spring grazing. Dad working on fences, we’ve been replacing about 2km’s of perimeter and some new division lines to help alternate grazing this year. Separated off 16 heifers to fatten up for sale and moved over to the new HDX RFD electronic tags.

Winters bite

Quiet a surprise, lunch out side that afternoon to 6 inches of snow 8pm..! Its been a very wet month, excellent for the Lucerne that needs water over winter compared to grasses that generally require April showers, and rainfall throughout the year for growing. Getting ready for letting the cattle out, fence repairs and preparing for mowing hopefully last quater of April.

Livestock and Countryside fair, Espezel – 21 and 22 October 2017

La Foire départementale de l’élevage et de la ruralité a lieu à Espezel dans les Pyrénées audoises lors d’un week-end du mois d’octobre. Depuis plus de 30 ans, tout ce que l’agriculture audoise produit de meilleur est rassemblé lors de ce traditionnel grand rendez-vous.

Les 200 stands du village des producteurs et de son marché fermier proposent, outre la fameuse pomme de terre du Pays de Sault, une incroyable variété de produits du terroir. Durant les deux jours, les nombreux points de restauration mitonnent repas paysans et menus du terroir, les concours agricoles et les animations pour petits et grands se succèdent : démonstrations de chiens de berger ou chevaux de trait, spectacles, expositions de voitures anciennes…

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